Saturday, 19 February 2011

Just waiting...

I'm actually getting pretty anxious to get back to uni. As good as it sounds, a three month break just feels too long for me, as I've been working far too much.

Subjects this semester are:

Acute Care A
Medications in Nursing
Clinical Assessment & Decisions

These aren't including the two subjects that I'm doing via correspondence from another university on the other side of the country, which are:

Introduction to Chemistry
Introduction to Physics

Am I going to handle it all alright? I only hope so. One thing that would probably help is if I bought my $990 worth of textbooks. Oh well, I suppose I don't really need them all. Last year I made it through with only two of the required ten or so books.

I guess I can't complain about the money side of things seeing as I don't have to pay tuition for years to come; probably my favorite thing about Australia.


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  2. This blog seems VERY interesting. I'll be following your progress for sure.

  3. welcome to Australia, I'm starting uni this year too, I'm looking forward to it

  4. That's a lot of money for books. Almost makes me not want to go to college.

  5. hope it all works out for you, medical school can be a lot of work, my sister went through it for 5 years and thats what she told me

  6. Physics kicked my ass in college... but you can do it! Ill be following for sure.

  7. Good luck man. I would imagine it'd be VERY difficult to return back to school after being away for a while. Following!

  8. Don't worry, once you're 3 weeks in you won't be so excited to be there anymore! :P

  9. Hahah, I'm sure I'll get tired of it quickly, the hardest part is dealing with the other students!

    Rachel, it was difficult in some ways, but far far easier than I thought it would be. The reason I chose a course like nursing is because it's suppose to be one of the easiest, and I wasn't even sure if I was going to get through it. But now I'm doing really well and I was wondering what the hell I was worrying about. All it takes is a bit of determination!

    And thanks for the follows and the support guys, much appreciated!