Tuesday, 5 April 2011

It's getting closer now

Sorry about the lack of posts guys. As you can see here I don't really have the spare time to blog about my daily escapades and to make it worse the past 2 days have been a long 9am-9pm expidition. Hardly any time to take a breath.

But never fear, I only have a little over 1 week of this semester to plow through before I hit a holiday break, a much needed holiday break. As a small celebratory act I have decided to change around this dusty old blog. What do you guys think?
Can you tell I like books? 
Speaking of which, my fiance Corrin just recently bought a book about the crazy happenings and shenanigans that happen in the ER for me. It was a pleasant surprise coming home from a long day at uni to see her standing at the door telling me she has a present for me waiting on the counter. I was shocked to see it was a book since she wasn't so receptive towards my investment of $120 of second hand books only a few months ago.
How can you not want this many books?

Sorry for the short post. Hopefully when I reach my well needed break from uni I can spend some more time on my blog.
 Thanks again for being so supportive and taking interest. Have a lovely evening.