Saturday, 5 March 2011

I'm up too late

No, I will not let you profit.
I really am up too late. I finished work at about 9:30 pm and it's about 1:30 am now. The silly thing is that I have to work in the morning at 8:00 am. Oh well, I really wanted to do this comic today, as this happened to me when I really needed my printer.

I found that for my physics subject, I had an assignment due at 4 pm. I only realized that I had the assignment at 1pm. So I proceeded to print out the assignment so I could do the work, scan it and send it in. However, my printer decided that I had gotten enough value out of it and wanted to reiterate the fact that while all other aspects of technology have improved in the last 30 years, printers are still archaic pieces of crap.

I made my way to the local office supply store to buy some toner. As I was walking the toner to the checkout, I spotted a pile of the exact same printer that I own for sale at $65. I found this interesting, as the toner I was holding, the very same toner inside that $65 printer, cost $129. That's not even including a replacement drum ($195) if that happened to break. So I made the easy choice and just grabbed the new printer.

As I put it down on the checkout counter, the lady went on and on about the three year warranty. "What if it breaks" she said, which I replied "my last one ran out of toner in six months, and here I am buying a new one, because it's cheaper than the toner". For whatever reason, she replied "well, do you print a lot? You never know when the it's going to break", I tried to show her the error of her ways by saying "it doesn't matter if it breaks; if it breaks in the next year, I'll be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, if it lasts that long, I'll surely have run out of toner by then, in which case, I'll simply buy a new printer". She still gave me that "whatever, you stupid idiot" look, the sale was then finished and I walked away feeling vastly superior.

It really gets to me how much people don't listen to the things that you're saying when you're talking to them. I suppose I can't blame her though, she probably deals with a lot of customers every day and the employees more than likely have a competition going for how many people they can screw over with their warranties. 

And to wrap things up for the night, we have our competition for the day. This one should be fairly easy to some of you, but you're going to answer a few questions about it.

1. What element is this?
2. There is a rare material made entirely of this element, what is it?
3. What about this element's chemical properties makes it so notable/significant to our everyday lives?

And just to mention it again, the winner of the daily comp will receive an image, drawn by me, to them, in recognition of their abilities. For examples of past winners, look at my last few posts.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you're all enjoying this as much as I am.


  1. Hey cool comic. It's 10AM here and I still haven't went to sleep. Also it's carbon/diamonds, and it's a fuel source.

  2. ummm.. let me see here...

    1. Carbon
    2. Diamond and graphite are made completely made of carbon
    3. Carbon is the base for all organic compounds. I'd say it's Van Der Waal's forces between these atoms that is significant? Not too sure on that one.

    Love the quiz man. Brain testing is awesome

  3. Haha, quick answer! I was looking more for the significance of its outer-shell electron arrangement, which is the reason it's such a good fuel source. I'll still give it to you though. :)

    Check back in the next day or so for your drawing, I'll be thinking of what to do for you at work tomorrow.

    Off to bed now though.

  4. Oh! Great answer baka, Van Der Waal's forces were exactly what I was looking for. But I do have to give it to Siphil sorry.

    There's always next time though. :)

  5. Great blog, although the chemistry part confused me as well. I think I need to go back to school...

  6. It's a really weird business model the likes of HP are employing.

  7. Carbon

    Can be found pure in three forms
    Graphite, diamond and footballen or how ever its called in English :D

  8. Quicksilver. No just kidding, Iam to stupid for that

  9. Printers suck. Mine just sits on my desk, dark and evil, bidding its time until I need it. It will strike with total ferocity and destroy my life.

  10. Everybody has already answered Carbon
    But it's Carbon because it has 6 protons

  11. damnit, i should have payed attention in class.

  12. I've had to deal with a similar printer situation.

  13. I was always bad with chemistry ... thanks reminding that to me

  14. lol
    love the comic ^^
    btw, following :)